Apron Weigh Feeder

Precise weighing & feeding of high temperature material is critical in process operation. Accurate measurement and reliable continues operation at high temperature is the key factor to reduce material wastage, blending and to increase profit.

AAG having a vast experience in Apron weigh feeders do the design to meet the specific needs of an application by working closely with our customer and manufacture to ensure accurate weighing and minimal material wastage to the customer expectation.

Our Apron systems are rugged and made from heavy duty construction which can handle capacity ranging from “4 tons/hr to 2500 tons/hr” and deliver 0.5% accuracy, high temperature Pan plates ensures corrosion resistance and wearing of metal even at high harsh environment and are loaded with array of useful features like totalization, multiple communication, process batch control, four load cell construction, heavy duty chain and sprocket having max impact resistance and direct actual speed out.