September 18, 2017

WebAccess software: Why is it preferred for HMI and SCADA? (Part 2)

WebAccess SoftwareResuming from the benefits of WebAccess software we have discussed in the previous article, here are some benefits to add.

Thin Client for PDA and Handheld computers:

The thin client interface is similar in function to the full-animation client.

WebAccess offers snapshots of each display in the GIF and JPEG file formats. Values, Setpoints, and Digital states are changed through a text type interface.

Enhanced Security:

WebAccess allows the user to access various privileges. It uses the “Area of Responsibility” concept to prevent changes to tags. A tag is assigned to a single Area with a change level. Users can be assigned to multiple areas with a different access level within each area.

To change a value, the user must also be assigned to the same area of responsibility and have an access level within that area equal to the tags change level.

WebAccess restricted users can only view the displays assigned to them. Even push buttons and other features that try to call up an unauthorized display will be blocked.

Web Access empowers users to view any display, but cannot use the engineering tool. The project manager can keep this utility to themselves. WebAccess Administrators and Project Users are given full control and database configuration capabilities. Such kind of security is a necessity in any industry.

Tag-based object database:

IO Tags are multi-dimensional objects that represent data read from automation equipment. The WebAccess software enables to have at least 60,000 tags per SCADA node and many SCADA nodes in a system or project. There are multiple fields in a Tag that include Description, Hi Span, Lo Span, Alarm State, Alarm Limits, Output Limits and about 50 other qualities associated with each tag. Tag names can be up to 25 characters.


IO Blocks are also a type of tag. Blocks allow multiple data values read or written from automation devices to be grouped into a single object.

Vector-based Graphics:

The web access software uses vector-based graphics which offers smaller file size and faster download. Further, vector graphics provide dynamic display resolution and are continuously scalable. Displays can be run at a user-defined resolution; independent of the display resolution the graphics was built with.

It is even possible to develop applications in one screen resolution and run them at another.

Dynamic Animation Widgets:

The WebAccess Graphic builder provides pre-built symbol libraries including pre-animated widgets. At least 300 symbols and widgets are in the default product including pipes, valves, tanks, and vessels. Users can easily add symbols and create widgets from existing scratch or tear a part of exiting graphics.

Import AutoCAD DXF:

AutoCAD DXF files can be imported, edited, grouped, filled and animated. They become vector elements in the graphics that can be infinitely scaled. Import Bitmaps, Jpegs, and Gifs for flexibility, Bitmaps, JPEGs, and GIFs can be imported and animated. They cannot be edited other than scaling and position. They are not converted to vectors but remain as bitmaps with all the limitations inherent in bitmap images.

Template Displays:

Template Displays allow all tags to be viewed using one of a few templates.

Pre-built templates display are supplied with all WebAccess systems and it allows, Tags to be viewed immediately without building a single new graphics.

The Block detail displays allow a single graphics display, including animation, to be used to view all blocks tags of the same block type. This dramatically reduces time to implement a system. Additional Block Tags that are added the system a viewed instantly without building or modifying a display.

The engineers and technicians using DRAW can edit template displays. Template displays include Analog Point Detail, Digital Point Detail, Text Point Detail, Parameter Detail, Block Detail, Data Log Trend, Real-Time Trend, Alarm Log, Action Log and Faceplate Group and Overview displays.

WebAccess offers numerous advantages. That is why we at AAG Engineering prefer WebAccess software over all others for HMI and SCADA. It is very difficult to accumulate all the benefits of WebAccess in couple of articles. We will continue it further in next article.

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