November 17, 2017

Reduce your mining cost with AAG’s Ventilation Management Systems

ventilation management systemIn recent years, the operating costs of mining operations have increased highly. The main factor that has caused this rise is the continuous rising rate of electrical power. Electric power is high and mostly required for the ventilation.

As per the recent survey, the electrical power currently leads to 35-50% of the underground mine’s operating cost. It means the electric power cost may total up to $20-30 million annually.

These have laid down a high requirement for mines all around the world to be more cost-effective.

AAG Engineering’s Ventilation Management Systems offers you a simple and economical method of reducing operating costs by directly targeting ventilation costs in a convenient, tangible sequence.

Working Principle of AAG’s Ventilation Management Systems for Miners

Our basic working principle of the Ventilation Management Systems of Miners is to supply ventilation only to those locations where fresh ventilation is actually required on an on-demand basis through real-time atmospheric monitoring, personnel and vehicle tracking, and synchronization of a mine’s primary and secondary ventilation systems through an integrated Atmospheric Monitoring and centralized SCADA systems.

We use the real-time data from the controllers and Sensors that are deployed on an underground mining operation’s existing MODBUS data communications backbone and the VMS to make sure that the air quality of the mine is well within the optimal parameters.

We make sure that we integrate the real-time monitoring of all the components and electrical consumption of a mine’s primary and secondary ventilation systems via multi-function I/O Controllers.

They, in turn, are connected to the mine operator’s fans, louvers, and ventilation doors, so as to ensure top productivity and efficiency at all times. Such a continuous monitoring will also be an aid in maintaining planned maintenance cycles.

AAG Engineering’s Ventilation Management Systems also enables to easily integrate  Vehicle Tracking System and mobile equipment tracking system into it.

It will enable to have priority based fresh ventilation as per needs of the workers and equipment and also depending on their active working positions while working underground.

Moreover, the centralized SCADA system deployed at the mine operation’s main control facilitates all the components to be in synchro with the Ventilation Management System.

It can be easily achieved by scripting parameters as required according to operation’s ventilation engineers and/or through OPC connection to third-party Ventilation Modelling and Control Software.

The VMS designed by AAG is so easy to operate that you, yourself can integrate all the components including the third-party software and hardware products into it.

AAG ensures that all these can be achieved by simply using industry standard MODBUS data communications and OPC Open Platform Communications for process control that offers a low-cost, custom-tailored solution for any mining operation along with the existing infrastructure and equipment if desired.

If you wish to reduce the cost of your mining expenses, contact AAG Engineering Technologies immediately at and save your energy and money right from today!

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