August 21, 2017

Types of Bucket Elevator based on the application


types of Bucket ElevatorOne of the most efficient ways to elevate bulk materials of varying diversity is with a bucket elevator. Various types of bucket elevator are manufactured depending on the purpose it serves.

AAG Engineering Technologies – a leader in the bulk material industry has refined and enhanced its various types of bucket elevator offerings for vertical as well as horizontal transport and for varying materials.

We design and manufacture bucket elevators to meet the needs of various industries such as metal, cement, pulverized coal, cullet and other fine batch materials.

At AAG, we initially analyze the requirements of our clients and as per their applications we design and manufacture bucket elevators with the specifications that suit best for the client.

Depending upon the specific industry, material size and challenges it is important that each bucket elevator design is tailored to its specific application. Read on,

Bucket elevator types based on application

There are various types of bucket elevator available as per their applications. Some of the proven solutions for highest conveying capabilities are mentioned below:

High Capacity Belt Bucket Elevators:

For flour and small sized materials like a raw meal, cement, grits, sand, concentrated ores, etc. high-capacity belt bucket elevators are used. A special bucket design is used for particularly light-weight materials so as to make the construction as efficient as possible. The bucket height and width is designed particularly for adoption to the conveying capacity of the finely graduated materials.

Heavy-duty Bucket Elevators:

Heavy-duty bucket elevators are specifically designed for coarse and highly abrasive bulk materials. This kind of elevators is specifically used for pre-grinding in the cement and ore sector. The specially designed elevators enable the highest conveying capacities required for coal and similar products.

Chain Bucket Elevators:

Chain bucket elevators are designed particularly for coarse and highly abrasive materials in the low to the medium capacity range. They are also used when hot material needs to be conveyed. It has a double-strand round steel link chain (marine chain) that makes it perfect to handle such kind of materials.

High Capacity Central Chain Elevators:

High-capacity chain bucket elevators with central chain are particularly suitable for the transport of hot, granular and abrasive bulk material. They are used more in the cement industry for the vertical transport of hot, abrasive clinker, silo feed and in clinker milling systems. Central chain bucket elevators enable high conveying capacities with large center distances.

This kind of bucket elevators is designed to suit specific applications. AAG Engineering’s designed bucket elevators reap economically more benefits for customers with their reliability, long service life, and application-specific designs.

If you still have further queries, contact our sales team or visit our website We can cater to all your needs in bulk material industry.

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