May 8, 2017

What special features of AAG Engineering’s vibratory feeders makes it outstanding

Vibratory Feeder

The applications of vibratory feeder have expanded many folds specifically in areas of stockpiling, reclaim systems, controlling the flow of bulk material, and many more applications in bulk material related solutions.

In fact, I would say that the flexibility and variety of these systems are limited only by the ingenuity of design engineers.

AAG’s engineers have rich experience in designing and implementing these vibratory feeders catering to various industries.

I have tried to put together some of the specific features offered by AAG Engineering’s vibratory feeders that make them outstanding in bulk material handling equipment.

Special Features of AAG Engineering Vibratory Feeder!!

  • Longevity:  AAG engineering vibrating feeders are built to last with an average of 20 years or more of productive use.
  • Proven Performance: AAG Engineering’s vibrating feeder is known for their simple design and best performance ratings. This has created a niche for AAG Engineering’s vibrating feeder in the market.
  • Dust-Tight Construction: We understand that some operations require being executed with minimized dust or with complete dust free equipment. We can provide you with the equipment as per your needs and specifications. In general, we apply trough covers and suitable flexible connections to make the vibrating feeder dust tight.
  • Low Maintenance: Since the components applied for the vibratory feeder are specifically designed to endure the vibratory action of the AAG Engineering technologies vibrating feeder, maintenance requirements have been markedly reduced.
  • Interchangeable Components: Most of the component parts of the AAG Engineering’s vibrating feeder are interchangeable with other units even though their functions may differ. These common components extend to screens, conveyors, and much more. This reduces the number of spare parts required.
  • Minimal abrasion: Highly abrasive materials can be fed with very little wear on the feeder’s tough surfaces. The gentle pitch and catch movement makes this possible.
  • Self-cleaning: Vibratory feeder has a coating applied to it which makes it self-clean of the material being fed to it. This makes them more desirable when material contamination is to be minimized or avoided.
  • Wide temperature ranges: Extremely cold or hot bulk solids or unit pieces can be successfully fed by vibrating feeder of AAG Engineering. It may require specific design or some modifications but the basic benefit of AAG Engineering’s vibratory feeder is the ability to deal with the wide range of temperature of materials.
  • No return element: Vibrating feeders of AAG Engineering don’t have any return element as in belt or apron type feeder.
  • Multi-function: In addition to feeding other functions can also be simultaneously performed with the vibratory feeder. To quote an example, subdividing the feed into smaller streams or multi-distribution or screening. If the vibratory feeder has adjustable output, even more, functions can be realized with it.
  • Minimal attrition or degradation: AAG Engineering’s vibratory feeder has gentle action. This virtually eliminates particle-to-particle degradation or attrition of material being fed.

Even you would be looking to install vibratory feeders with such specific features in your plant or for your operations. Contact our sales representatives at to inform us about your requirements and we will take care of the rest.

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