November 20, 2017

Considerations before selecting accurate storage Silo for Dry Bulk material

silo for dry bulk materialWhen it comes to the selection of any process, it calls for an analysis of the requirements and considerations before proceeding further. Similarly, let us analyze our requirements before proceeding with the selection criterion of an accurate Silo for Dry Bulk material.

Requirements for accurate Silo selection for dry bulk material

The main constraint of the dry bulk market is “N” number of possibilities in dry bulk conveying and dry bulk storage. As per the conveying and storage requirement, the entire selection process differs. The tank or silo selection mostly is defined by the construction type rather than by the “stored material” performance requirements. Many a times, Tank and Silo manufacturers mold customer’s information as per their standard parameters of design and construction. It ends up in customer facing the consequences.

So, here is the list of few considerations that will be of great aid in deciding upon the selection of accurate silo for dry bulk material suitable as per your requirements. This list compromises of all the basic requirements that should be taken care of before every storage application.

If the application under consideration is a normal routine one, and there is no issue with the stored material or discharge system, then it would be fine to go with the selection of the vendor and purchase accordingly.

However, if there is an issue with any of the following mentioned items, then a bulk handling specialist should be contacted.

Considerations before selecting accurate Silo for dry bulk material

  • The quantity of the material that will be stored may be in tons or cubic feet.
  • Characteristics of the material that will be stored, if it needs some special considerations.
  • The material of construction that should be used
  • The density of the product to be used for volume and design calculation
  • The material if gets degraded
  • The material if gets segregated
  • The type of material discharge pattern required for the application like funnel flow, mass flow, expanded flow, etc
  • If hopper flow aid device is required for reliable discharge
  • If it is required to get the material check by the “flow specialist”
  • If assurance is required for the reliable performance of the silo supplier

If you have any of the considerations that it is preferable to consult a bulk handling specialist.

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