June 29, 2017

Screw Weigh Feeder – all that you want to know about it

screw weigh feederThe Screw Weigh Feeders are designed to fulfill the requirements where existing infrastructure limits the suitability of other weighing solutions. It is more suitable where a fully enclosed, dust-tight system is required.

Screw Weigh Feeder is very similar in function to a fully enclosed Weigh Belt Conveyor or Weigh Belt Feeder. But the Screw Weigh Feeder provides an additional and cost effective dynamic weighing solution as well as feeding option specially when existing space is limited.

It is one of the most accurate and efficient method of weighing & metering bulk material. In Bulk material Handling system almost every process begans with material being discharged from hoppers, bins or silos. The inlet area is flood-loaded and designed to meter bulk material at fixed and variable rates.

AAG Engineering Technologies is one source solutions for all bulk weighing systems. At AAG we have immense knowledge and experience of designing as well as manufacturing Screw weigh feeders tailored to meet your need and requirements. We design screw weigh feeders to handle both most fine powders as well as bulk solids.

You can contact our sales team anytime to enquire further or to specify your needs at We can even visit your plant to analyse the requirements and determine design specifications like specific and inlet openings for accurate manufacturing of all the bulk material realated equipments.

Continuing with the Screw Weigh Feeder, below are few applications of it:

Applications of Screw Weigh Feeder

Batching systems
Screw Weigh feeder finds its application in batching systems. For example, in loading containers from a hopper a weigh screw system is used to deliver a desired batched amount.

Flowrate Control systems
Another application of it is controlling the flow rate. It is very essential in efficient running of the entire bulk material system. To illustrate its application further, it is used in controlling product discharge from a feed hopper using the weigh screw to feed product into the process stream.

Moreover, Screw Weigh Feeders can be customized to suit many applications.

In an application, to demonstrate further, where continuous weighing or batching mode is required, the Screw Weigh Feeder is fitted with an EMC MW95  controller. Where increased functionality and flow rate control is required, an EMC MW96A controller is fitted.

Mentioned below are the special features of Screw Weigh Feeder that differentiates it from other bulk material handling systems.

Features of Screw Weigh feeder

  • It operates in a totally enclosed construction that is dust tight.
  • Its design is compact and can equip other bulk material equipments.
  • The common purpose of implementing it in the bulk material handling system is monitoring or controlling the flow rate.
  • It is also use to control the flow rate output.
  • Its display can be customized to suit your requirements.

Accuracy of Screw Weigh feeder

The diameter of Screw, its speed are engineered to provide the correct material loading to deliver the desired accuracy. An accuracy of ±0.5% and better of the totalized load can be achieved depending on the characteristics of the product.

AAG Feeders are suitable to be used for very fine to coarse or fibrous products as well.

They are mostly constructed with stainless steel and sometimes even painted depending on client’s requirements.


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