May 5, 2017

Here are the 7 Tips to guide you in the selection of right SCADA system

Scada systems

The SCADA system is the brain of your automation system, so choosing the right one for your specific requirements is an important decision. The best SCADA system is the one that can easily communicate with all your RTUs and PLCs, meet your needs today and tomorrow and ensure your investment is protected.

AAG Engineering has industrial automation as its core strength. We have rich experience in implementing SCADA in plant operations to gain control and supervise the process or equipment.

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Below are some considerations which you should consider when designing a perfect SCADA program.

Tips to help you select right SCADA system

  1. Will it work with my existing hardware?

The entire hardware in an organization is generally a mix of old and new hardware that too from various vendors. If so, you comprise the vast majority of industrial sites. Any hardware is typically much bigger and longer term investment. It is thus important that your SCADA system should effectively communicate with your equipment.

In general, SCADA systems offer OPC connectivity only. It may pose a problem if you have older equipment that doesn’t support OPC.  In that cases, you will be forced to buy an expensive OPC wrapper or find the drivers that work for your legacy equipment.  We can help you avoid these. The SCADA package that AAG offers has a wide variety of native drivers to work with any vendor’s hardware, regardless of its age.

  1. Will it support my future needs as well as my existing ones?

Many vendors have a belief that scalability is just purchasing more I/O. But in reality, when you are adding another production line or another plant in the future. In that case, you will need an industrial system with an architecture that can manage that type of growth. Generally speaking, having unlimited I/O licensing is great, if the system is really built to handle it.

At AAG Engineering Technologies, we make sure the SCADA system has been thoroughly tested to handle a large number of I/O points before you purchase it. It will help you to avoid slow response times and other problems caused by an SCADA system.

  1. Is the SCADA software a low-risk investment?

When any motor is selected, you know that the initial cost is only a small percentage of the lifetime cost of the equipment. The same applies to SCADA systems. Some people go for low-price SCADA system assuming that if it is not liked by them they can throw it. It may seem to be a bargain but you don’t have time to mess around the projects that are throw away.

Our SCADA system with large graphic libraries, customizable reports, and a familiar programming language are all elements of a good investment.

  1. Can I get support when and where I need it?  

SCADA packages aren’t disposable software. If they go down, the consequences can be serious, ranging from lost data that will affect regulatory compliance to unscheduled downtime that impacts customers.

Therefore, AAG Engineering supports you when and where you need it. In fact, our work starts after deployment of the software. We also have highly trained professionals who undergo rigorous training and are certified to meet your needs with regular training and coursework.

  1. Will my SCADA vendor be in business next year or the year after?

SCADA system is a big purchase; not just the initial cost, but even it’s ability to meet your needs today and years in the future should be meet.  With such an important investment, you need to be certain your SCADA supplier will be in business for as long as you are.

One more consideration is the provider’s experience in your industry. You don’t just need someone to install the system, you need someone who thoroughly understands your industry and your unique needs.

We have been providing SCADA systems for more than a decade and has wide experience deploying SCADA in various verticals of industries. You can rely on us for all your queries.

  1. How easy will it be to upgrade my system?

We understand that SCADA systems must be adaptable to changing requirements and new technologies. Backward compatibility is key because replacing the entire system is expensive. Even migrating from one SCADA platform to another can cause downtime and data loss. In order to avoid such errors, we provide you 100 percent backward compatibility to make upgrades easy and preclude you from having an orphaned solution.

  1. How safe is my SCADA system?

AAG stands for safety and security of its products.

Security is provided in many ways, from the SCADA architecture to the programming language with which it’s written. Our commitment to security and investment in today’s cutting edge security technologies are a big factor in safeguarding your system.

If you have any more queries other than above, just let us know. We would be happy to design an SCADA program that completely caters to your requirements.

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