March 9, 2017

Automate your Plant with SCADA systems from AAG Engineering

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and data Acquisition. As the name indicates, it is not a full control system, but rather focuses on the supervisory level. In true sense, it is purely a software package.

 Scada systems

SCADA in industries:

SCADA systems are speedily finding installations in almost any industry. SCADA is a real-time industrial process control system that is used to centrally monitor and control remote or local industrial equipment or process.

SCADA systems are evolving rapidly with specifications to better monitor plant operations with the lesser human interface. SCADA is becoming a vital component for automation in manufacturing and production units.

At AAG Engineering, we have industrial automation as our core strength. We have rich experience in implementing SCADA in plant operations to gain control and supervise the process or equipment.

How SCADA systems operates in industry

A SCADA system is a smart human machine interface that gathers information (for example – where a leak in pipeline has occurred), transfers the information back to a central site, then alerts the home station that a leak has occurred, carrying out necessary analysis and control such as determining if the leak is critical, and displaying the information in a logical and organized fashion.

SCADA incorporated units basically require minimal human intervention.

SCADA systems consists of two layers:

  • The client layer: It caters for the main machine interaction. SCADA is mounted on top of the hardware to which it is interfaced, mostly with Programmable Logic Controllers or through other commercial hardware modules. It monitors this machine as programme and collects the data.
  • The data server layer: It handles most of the process data control activities. Like it may analyze the criticality of the data and depend upon the software designed, may control or may display the information logically for managers to take necessary action.

Many of our clients are able to eliminate all possible human error completely from their plant operations with aid of AAG Engineering’s automation. We analyze your requirement and design the SCADA model and implement it in your processes. Thus making the process very accurate, yielding consistent product quality and optimal material usage.

Are you facing challenges in hiring and maintaining skillful employees? Switch to complete automation of your plant with AAG Engineering!!

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