December 13, 2017

How safety technology can enhance productivity in manufacturing?

safety technologyIn the manufacturing world, the safety technology is the prime concern, especially when workers are working with manufacturing equipment.

When safety technology reduces productivity?

Right from earlier days, the easiest way for workers safety was to provide physical barriers between workers and operating equipment. But this has its own limitations.

Despite the fact that it offers better safety and better operational methods, it puts a limit on the productivity.

Moreover, physical guarding must be removed to access the equipment, which is important in every manufacturing process, whether it is for changing a product over, clearing a jam, or performing routine maintenance.

Workers have to remove and replace guarding and confirm if they are locked accurately. The worst thing is that even this interlock system call out for maintenance!

How safety technology increases productivity?

The modern safety technology offers an excellent opportunity to have higher productivity without compromising reliability. This technology doesn’t even require physical barriers and still offers safety.

This technology comprises of light curtains, laser scanners, and area (3D) scanners. They can be integrated safely into existing equipment.

But it is highly essential that this integration should be carried out by a firm that has experienced as well as expertise no it.

AAG Engineering Technologies is such a firm. Our decades of work and an up-to-date art of technology will deliver you utmost safety with reliability and in turn, will be a partner in enhancing your productivity.

If you wish to implement them in your plant contact our sales team immediately at

Coming back to our safety technology integrated manufacturing equipment, let’s see how to get started with it?

How can you integrate safety technology into your equipment?

  • Schedule a safety assessment with AAG Engineering:

Our expertise assessing team will let you know if your operations are safe. It is a proactive approach to keep workers of your unit safe. Our team will audit your existing processing lines to determine the risks that are present and identify measures in place to protect personnel from those risks.

  • Define risk category:

The team at AAG works in a step by step process. Our team will eventually, assign every operation of your plant a risk category. We consider the intensity of injury, the likelihood of occurrence as well as other factors for deciding upon the risk category of each operation.

Depending on the risk category our team will decide upon the level of protection that is required. In comparison with your existing protection level, our team will help you to identify the deficiencies in your existing one. It is advisable to fulfill these deficiencies as quickly as possible. They can prove to be a liability for your organization.

  • Upgrade manufacturing equipment:

The next step should be upgrading your manufacturing equipment as per the risk category. While planning this give priority to modern safety technology so as to offer you with better operator and maintenance accessibility.

This may give your budget a bit of upward trend. But if you analyze your return on investment as how often access is required, and the cost of downtime you would be in better terms to decide upon it.

Technology advancements also offer safety on better terms. It offers greater safety reliability, increased productivity and, most importantly, a proactive way to minimize unplanned costs stemming from unsafe operations and resulting injuries.

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