February 26, 2017

Introducing Recipe Management Systems from AAG Engineering

Every manufacturing or production process, however simple or complex it may be, will always have some requisite features. It may have a basic or a combination of ingredients or raw material, certain equipment, tools and not to forget human beings. These key components are always present even if the process is fully automated.

Recipe Management systems

Another feature of a manufacturing process is the ‘recipe’ for production or operation of equipment or the entire process. The recipe is the set of instructions that specify how the task is to be accomplished. It can be specific to the product or to an equipment. The set of instructions may vary from a single set of simple instructions to a multi-component, multi-step recipe.

What is a Recipe Management System?

As the name goes, Recipe Management System is an IT application for managing the recipes of a particular manufacturing unit or factory. It is a system which is supposed to manage the entire set of production recipes. In the recipe,  it is very well specified how the production equipment should perform their operations.

The ownership and management of recipes at the factory level is a critical component. RMS not only contains individual equipment recipes but also that of  any subsidiary/additional processes, within the actual production process.

The scope of the recipe management systems has grown manifolds. Thanks to the prerequisite for efficient management and control of recipes in a complex manufacturing process.

AAG Engineering’s Recipe Management Systems

AAG Engineering is proficient in making RMS catering to your business requirement. Our RMS are efficient enough to manage recipes ranging from enterprise batch production to single-site production operation. AAG Engineering’s expert team of engineers design RMS that are powerful, in ready-to-use configuration and operator user-friendly.

For an effective way of managing recipe across your production floor contact us here or email us at

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