February 24, 2017

Check out the Process Automation Services offered by AAG Engineering Technologies

In simple words, Process Automation is basically a delegation of human control functions to technical equipment aimed towards achieving higher productivity, superior quality, efficient use of energy and raw materials and improved safety. All these are prime requirements for Industrial automation. Industrial automation in layman language can be termed as use of different machinery and processes so as to replace human being. It is next step to mechanization in the scope of industrialization.

process automation


Industrial automation uses control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies in order to ensure efficient control of production or manufacturing process. There are many such control systems. Few of them are mentioned below:

Process Automation Services offered by AAG Engineering

  1. PLC Automation – PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. PLC is an industrial computer that is used to monitor input or make decisions based on its program or to control output to automate a process or machine. AAG Engineering is specialized in PLC Automation services.
  1. SCADA – SCADA stands for Suprervisory control and Data Acquisition. SCADA software analyzes and displays the data in order to help operators and other workers to reduce waste and improve efficiency in the manufacturing process. AAG Engineering has successfully implemented SCADA in many manufacturing and production industries not only in India but in foreign countries as well.
  1. Supervisor Manager Centre – It enables automation of supervisory managerial job with minimal human interface. If you wish to implement it you can contact AAG Engineering for its automation services.
  1. Human Machine interface – It enables human–computer interaction in the industrial design field where interactions between humans and machines occur. This interaction enhances effective operation and control of the machine from the human end, while the machine simultaneously feeds back information that helps the operator in the decision making process. AAG Engineering has gained immense experience through its decades of work into human-machine interfacing.
  1. Recipe Management – A recipe is a set of instructions, which specify how a task is to be performed; its structure may vary from a single set of simple instructions to a multi-component, multi-step recipe. AAG Engineering can help you in automation of these recipes specific to your equipment or product or process.
  1. Batch Reports – Many automated manufacturing processes are batch process based. PLC reports provides batch reports based on batch identification numbers. AAG Engineering has proficiency in implementing these batch reports so as to monitor data of recurring periods.
  1. MIS Reports – MIS stands for Management Information Systems. As the name suggests this report gives details of management information at all levels. Right from assistant managers to executives all rely on report generated from this system. AAG Engineering takes privilige in implementing this information system in any sort of organization.
  1. MCC Panels – MCC stands for Motor Controller Center. It consists of feeders for motors and blowers. A motor control center can include variable frequency drives, programmable controllers, and metering and may also be the electrical service entrance for the building. AAG Engineering has decade of experience in building robust MCC Panels.

Other than above, AAG also offers Trends and Engineering Management Centre automation service. At AAG Engineering, with our experience and our team we assure you to be best service provider for Process Automation.

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