September 4, 2017

PLC software: features offered by AAG Engineering (2)

PLC softwareResuming from the features of PLC software we have discussed in the previous article, let us continue further with it.

Customizable Layouts:

It is crucial that the features of PLC should be user-friendly or none of them would matter much. AAG Engineering Technologies, therefore, build layouts that are fully customizable with dock ability, display options, view options, accessibility options, and text options allow users to personalize their programming experience to fit the needs.

Project Compare:

It allows users to perform project-to-project comparisons. It may display you a message saying that “My project is different from the one on the CPU”. That’s what makes the project compare feature so valuable. It allows the user to perform project-to-project comparisons and get detailed information on the differences. This can be very useful when going online or when trying to remember the last modification.

Debugging Tools:

As the name suggests debugging tool locates and repairs bugs in the code by allowing the user to slowly step through the execution of the logic. Step from one rung to the next, execute multiple rungs, run one complete scan or pause the execution altogether. Some debugging tools also allow you to suspend selected tasks or routines and force watchdog errors.

Web Server and Mobile Apps:

Web server functionality enables the user to access a PLC remotely using a standard Web browser and the configured IP address of their CPU. View system diagnostic data or process values offsite.

Mobile apps are also very popular and AAG offers this facility along with PLC This way you can monitor system operations on the go from anywhere using a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection.

Email Integrated:

Email capabilities allow users PLC to notify them and any other needed personnel when critical events occur at their facility. We at AAG Engineering believe that this is vital to stay informed about any possible failures and aid in taking immediate corrective action.

PID Options:

This is a special feature for the process control engineers. AAG has given special consideration to make it easy to implement. You yourself can verify how easy it is to implement PID loops in your program. PID instructions are integrated into it. It is quite simple even to monitor and tune the process. We even offer auto-tuning, PID simulators and other helpful tools dedicated to PID loops in our PLC software.

Powerful Math Functions:

Aag Acknowledges the fact that Powerful Math functions are easy to use and a definite plus to any PLC software. The ability to enter complex mathematical expressions (Ex. SQRT((D1/D2)*(D2/D3))) with floating points and/or integers directly into an editor, without having to load accumulators or use multiple lines of code, is a big timesaver.

Task Manager:

The task manager that we have embedded is a great way to organize and control the execution cycle of your program without any extra lines of code. Breaking your program into subroutines that execute only when needed (every scan, every second, first scan only, or when called) can be a lifesaver when scan time is a concern.

Integrated Function Blocks:

We understand that with Integrated function blocks programming can be made a lot faster. Therefore, instead of coding a large amount of ladder logic to handle a complex task we have functioned blocks for our users. PID loops, motion commands, communication functions, etc., can be handled quickly and easily with these configurable function blocks.

These are the lists of some good PLC software that are offered by AAG and that we think are important and would greatly help with your PLC project development.

If you would like to get more information on the PLC software we offer, take them for a test run, or visit our website at or contact our team at

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