March 3, 2017

PLC Automation in Glass and Cement Industry : All that you should know

PLC, known as Programmable Logic Controller is an industrial computer that is used to monitor input or make decisions based on its program or to control output to automate a process or machine.

Like any other normal computer a PLC has a built in operating system. However, its operating system is highly specialized to handle incoming events in real-time or at the time of their occurrence. PLC is thus, rightly termed as robot in manufacturing and production industry.

PLC Automation

AAG engineering has rich experience in catering to needs of various industries with its PLC automation services. Some of them are listed below:

PLC Automation in Glass and Cement industry

Glass Industry: 

  • It is implemented for controlling the material ratio, processing of flat glasses and for many more such operations.
  • It is also use for digital quality control and position control.
  • Some tasks which PLC alone cannot accomplish in glass industry are achieved by implmenting PLC’s control mode with an intelligent device.
  • To specify, in making of a float glass, PLC itself cannot finish some controlling tasks because of the complexity of the control system and processing of huge data. Therefore, bus technology is used to construct the control mode of a PLC with a distributed-control system.
  • This control system deals with analog controlling and data recording and the task is completed successfully by implementing both devices together.
  • This type of control mode improves reliability and flexibility of the control system.

Cement Industry

  • In order to produce Cement of best quality it is mandatory that during the mixing process accurate data regarding process variables is used along with best-quality raw materials.
  • This accuracy is accomplished with the help of PLC and the Distributed control system put together.

AAG engineering has rich experience in catering to needs with its PLC automation services of not only glass and cement but various other industries as well. We have worked on PLC systems of Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider and ABB. Our experience has help us gained expertise in commissioning them efficiently not only in India but in other countries as well.

If you wish to implement PLC in your processess with AAG Engineering contact us here.

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