March 24, 2017

An Insight into AAG Engineering’s multi-stage auto sampling systems

AAG Engineering’s multi-Stage auto sampling systems are used to extract smaller representative samples from a larger sample mass for final sample collection and analysis.

Specifically, they are designed for producers, consumers, and brokers of bulk material products. Since their interest would be in identifying and verifying the quality or composition of material as and when it is shipped or received or utilized in a process.

AAG Engineering’s multi-stage auto sampling systems are highly reliable systems. They are designed to extract samples from a wide variety of industries including coal, minerals for process monitoring and quality control in mining, power, and a variety of other process industries as well.

At AAG Engineering we take utmost care to design multi-stage auto sampling systems that meet and exceed the industry standards of safety.

Our multi-stage sampling systems reliably collect representative samples from any number of sample stages with minimal need for operator interaction.

We incorporate equipment that is standard in much other bulk material handling systems and user-friendly. As a result, need to retrain operators is minimized. It also incorporates an intuitive user interface for local system operation and setting changes.

AAG Engineering is known for its customized design of multi-stage sampling system based on needs of clients.

We have gained rich experience in implementing these systems in various industries. We always strive for continuous improvement in our design based on direct feedback from the field and our through research in new technologies.

We would be happy to help you analyze your requirements, design and implement multi-stage auto sampling systems for your organizations. Contact our sales representatives at or visit our website at

Why AAG Engineering for multi-stage auto sampling systems?

We provide a complete lifecycle service for our equipment’s. Here is the list of services offered by AAG Engineering:

Our Services include:

  • New sampling systems and equipment
  • Upgradation of existing multi-stage auto sampling system
  • Solution for problems in existing sampling systems
  • Engineering and consulting services for multi-stage auto sampling systems.

You just let us know your requirements and we will take care of the rest!


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