April 14, 2017

Mentioned here are features of SCADA offered by AAG Engineering!!

With thorough working knowledge of production and manufacturing industries, AAG Engineering has deep experience in designing and implementing SCADA automation services in industries. SCADA is leading in automation sector mainly because of its special characteristics. Here is the list of few such characteristics:

Mentioned below are the basic characteristics of SCADA software offered by AAG Engineering:

Scada systems

  • Dynamic Process Graphic: This feature of SCADA can create a stunning visual effect. Using this feature AAG Engineering can develop graphic resembling your plant. The graphics can include reactors, conveyors as well as other machinery used in your plant. Even we can depict if the equipment is running or stopped using different colors and animation as per your need.
  • Real-time and historical trending: In plant processes, AAG agrees that graphical representation of data is crucial for comparison. This feature of SCADA is used for representing the data in graphical form. Real-time data will plot the real-time value for fixed amount of time while historical data will display the stored historical data value for specified number of days as demand.
  • Alarms: AAG admits how indispensable it is to raise a warning in plant operations even for a small change. This feature of SCADA is used to raise alarm for process conditions that can cause problems and requires an operator response. We even define the intensity of alarm as Very high, High, Low, Very low.
  • Recipe Management: This feature of SCADA enables a plant to maintain various recipes of different products and implement it in the process. Moreover, AAG Engineering facilitates you to store this recipe in one single server and fetch it from any area by the client server.
  • Security: We at AAG engineering understands the confidentiality of the matter and offer various levels of security for applications by avoiding unauthorized access. We configure security for the group as well as for individuals.
  • Device Connectivity: This feature enables SCADA software to have its own communication protocol. SCADA software needs device driver software for communication with PLC or other control hardware. AAG Engineering also acknowledges that SCADA can have better device connectivity if the driver software is more. We ensure that most of the leading control systems have device connectivity with SCADA.
  • The script for logic development: AAG Engineering writes logic for SCADA software through scripts. We have trained professionals with high expertise in SCADA software. They can write complex scripts tailor made to suit your applications.
  • Database connectivity: AAG Engineering recognizes the need of downloading real-time value data in plant processes. Thus we offer you the database connectivity for your SCADA software.

Apart from these, we can even design SCADA software with special features catering to your requirement. Let us know your requirements and we will take care of the rest!!

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