November 22, 2017

How manufacturing is heading towards industrial revolution?

Engineering degrees had long-time ago fallen into distinct categories like mechanical engineers do this and computer engineers do that. Sometimes, though the disciplines cross over, but not often and not by much.

manufacturingBut in today’s fast-changing world, one discipline for sure affects another.Like the connected Enterprise, where IT and Operational technology are converging to enhance manufacturing performances.

At AAG Engineering Technologies, we are helping our customers to achieve higher levels of visibility, productivity, and profitability by merging our IT technology with operational ones to achieve better manufacturing performances.

We have decades of experience in deploying process automation for plants and industries.

All of these advancements require new skills, new levels of collaboration, and new ways of recruiting talent.

Difficulties in hiring for Manufacturing

The biggest difficulty manufacturing has to deal with is “hiring.” Manufacturing is yet not seen as “The jobs of the future”.

As per analysts, almost 3.5 million manufacturing jobs would be required in a span of a decade. Looking at the current scenario it is expected that at least two million jobs will go unfilled.

This put forth a lot of opportunity for automation of processes in the entire manufacturing industry.

Conception of manufacturing

The reason manufacturing faces difficulties in hiring is that many see it as a career without the same potential as others. But this is completely wrong perception.

The Institute of the Future states that 85% of the jobs we’ll have in 2030 has yet to be created. Manufacturing is where high-tech meets high-potential talent.

All these more lays down the pressure to automate your processes. With technological advancements like PLC and SCADA, AAG Engineering can be your automation partner and help you in mechanizing your processes.

We at AAG have decades of experience in deploying automation across the globe in various industries. The manufacturing industry is on the threshold of fourth industrial revolution. Automation is advancing towards digitalization of the production.

Then, what is keeping you back from leading the revolution of industrial automation? If you have any doubts or concerns, you can contact us at We would surely get back to you immediately.

We have deployed Plant Automation systems through working on various brands including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider and ABB PLC systems. We believe in maintaining long-term relations with our clients.

Our knowledge and experience will offer you automation systems that are robust, have a longer life and are designed to suit your needs. So, contact our team and we would be happy to pave your way towards complete automation of your plant!!

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