May 15, 2017

Lighting Management system – Features and how AAG Engineering can help you


Building Management system is a system with a variety of physical processes interacting with each other and with the environment.

Lighting management is an important component in your building management system.

This article will tell you why is Lighting management such an essential aspect of building management systems and how AAG Engineering can help you setting up for your building.


Lighting control systems play an important role in the reduction of energy consumption of the lighting and that too without impeding comfort goals.

From control point of view, lighting system has many linear or non-linear behaviors. This complexity of control aspect is further increased with environmental and occupancy changes in the building.

The occupants of the building not only impose control goals related to visual comfort but also influence the building processes impacting indirectly on the control functions of the lighting management system.

Why lighting management is still an upcoming concept

Lighting is often the largest electrical load in offices, but the cost of lighting energy consumption remains low when compared to the personnel costs. This is why its energy saving potential is often neglected in residential buildings.

Efficient Lighting management system with AAG Engineering Technologies

AAG Engineering has building management systems as one of its aim to provide safety, security, resident’s comfort and most importantly, methods to save energy. The Lighting management system is one of the crucial aspects in our BMS system.

We acknowledge that visual comfort cannot be described easily. Aspects such as daylighting, glare, luminance ratios, light intensity and contact to the outside have their influences on our perception of visual comfort.

To fulfill this basic requirement about comfort and energy efficiency, AAG Engineering has implemented programs to reduce lighting energy requirements by installing more efficient light sources and luminaires.

Our lighting solutions ensure efficient utilization of lighting management system in every building.

If you are interested in making optimum use of resources in your entire building with comfort as prime responsibility then AAG Engineering Technologies is your right partner.

Read our further articles for more information or contact our sales team at or visit our website at and not only save money but also the environment with our services.

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