August 23, 2017

Need for modernization of lift management system : Tips from AAG Engineering

lift management systemIn today’s era of skyscrapers, lift is a vital mode of communication that we use every day. Heavy use means that wear and tear of lift parts are inevitable, and responsible persons for lifts like lift owners, and those who have the management or control of lifts are responsible to ensure proper maintenance and repairs of their lifts.


Why is there a need for modernization of Lift Management System?

Newer upgradations in technology in recent years proves that existing lifts are not exactly catering to the current requirements. The necessity to properly maintained and periodically examined the lifts is “Safety”. There is room to make our existing lifts more safe, effective, reliable and comfortable.

How can Lift Management System be modernized?

Few solutions have been identified with the greatest potential benefit for safety, reliability and comfort enhancement in older lifts.

  1. Install a double break system: Some of the older lifts are fitted with just one brake. Thus the failure of parts may result in lift car to stop ineffectively. Such mishaps can be avoided by installing a redundant braking system.This will ensure that main brake parts in two sets such that in the event of one set of parts fails, the other set will ensure safe operation of the lift. Mostly lifts that were installed in and before 90’s don’t have this technical level. Today’s modern double brake system has two independent braking systems, each of which is normally electrically monitored.
  1. Install an Unintended Car Movement Protection Device: Unintended movement of the lift car when the doors are open and passengers are either entering the lift or moving out of it can be very risky for the passengers. This unintended car movement can be prevented by upgrading the braking system with built-in redundancy and self-monitoring features such as rope gripper. This device can prevent the movement of lift car at any position other than landing. Lifts installed before 2002 may not be having this technicality for enhancement of passenger’s safety.
  1. Install an Ascending Car Overspeed Protection Device: Preventing the lift car from accidentally over-speeding while ascending requires an ascending car over speed protection device. The device detects and stops any over speed movement of the ascending lift car. Thus preventing it from accidentally hitting the top of the lift and protecting the passengers from any injuries. Many lifts installed before 2003 may not be having this technical function.
  1. Install Car Door Mechanical Lock and Door Safety Edge: If passengers inside the lift cars, forcibly try to open the lift door, it can be very hazardous. Imagine a kid trying to do it for fun. To avoid such mishaps it is essential to install car door mechanical lock and door safety edge. It also initiates re-opening of the door should a passenger be struck by the door as it is closing. Lifts installed before 90’s may not be having this facility.

The above-mentioned solutions are just a few of the essentials tips for modernization of the Lift Management system. They should be upgraded in each and every existing lift to enhance safety and comfort of our passengers.

Lift Management System from AAG Engineering Technologies aims to provide safety, security and resident’s comfort. We even undertake preventive maintenance and repairs for the lift on an ongoing basis along with major alterations or modernization works.

At AAG Engineering we also conduct inspection and examination for the lift. In case of any wear and tear in existing lift, we even make improvements or repairs wherever necessary and examine and test the lift again.

If you are deciding to modernize or examine your lift management system, contact our sales team at


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