May 12, 2017

Let us see how installing SCADA with AAG Engineering Technologies benefits you!


No one in the process industry is unaware of SCADA’s popularity. Neither would you be. Mentioned below are few potential reasons why SCADA has gained so much popularity and how AAG efficiently utilizes it for your benefits.

Why is SCADA so popular?

One of the main factors behind the popularity of SCADA systems is that they are an extremely advantageous way to run and monitor processes. They are great for all sort of applications then may it be small or big.

SCADA is very effective specifically, in large applications like monitoring and controlling a power plant or mass transit system or for industrial processes or the list goes on and on and on.

Smaller SCADA systems are very affordable. They can either be purchased as a complete system or can be mixed and matched with specific components. Even large systems can be created with off-the-shelf components.

SCADA can come in open and non-proprietary protocols as well. SCADA system software can easily be configured for almost any application, removing the need for customized software development.

SCADA systems are gaining momentum specifically to better monitor plant operations with the lesser human interface.

SCADA is becoming a vital component for automation in manufacturing and production units.

Mentioned here are few reasons in addition to above-mentioned ones as to why SCADA  has gained so much popularity in the automation world and how with AAG Engineering Technologies you can utilize its benefits in your industry.

Benefits of installing SCADA with AAG Engineering Technologies!

Reliability and robustness:
SCADA system by AAG is used for mission critical industrial processes. When it comes to any industrial performance what matters most is the safety and a long-term performance in adverse conditions.  Our SCADA offers both! In addition, specific development is performed in SCADA software within a well-established framework that enhances reliability and robustness.

Maximize productivity: 
AAG Engineering understands that ultimate aim of any business is to maximize the productivity. Therefore, our SCADA design is centered on multi-level redundancy to ensure constant communication and operation of your system. Automating your industrial processes with AAG Engineering’s SCADA eliminates human error offering uninterrupted smooth functioning resulting into high productivity.

Improve product quality. 
AAG Engineering Technologies stands for the quality of its products and our SCADA is also programmed to analyze and control the quality of manufactured products using standard SCADA functionality. This includes Statistical Process Control (SPC). Advanced statistical alarms allow your personnel to perform predictive calibration of process parameters. This prevents out-of-limit deviations before they occur.

Reduce your operating and maintenance costs:
We acknowledge the fact that through the deployment of a centralized SCADA system, you can significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs. As SCADA automation requires less human interference to monitor field gear in remote locations. This results in increased operator effective fever. Also, fewer maintenance trips are required. This reduces maintenance and training costs subsequently.

Integrate with your business systems.
A well-programmed SCADA system can be easily integrated with your existing business systems. AAG understands your business requirements and accordingly, programs the SCADA system which leads to increased production and profitability. In addition, this system implementation allows you to transform, analyze, and present real-time information. This info travels throughout the enterprise for prioritized decision-making.

Preserve your capital investment:
At AAG we acknowledge the fact that when you spend money to improve operations, you need to ensure prolonged use. SCADA’s open system design protects against control system obsolescence. It can be easily scaled to meet growing demands on your operations.

These are just a few reasons behind the installation of the SCADA system with AAG Engineering. In the process automation world, these outstanding features will be very beneficial for your processes.

AAG Engineering has deep experience in designing and implementing SCADA automation services in almost all sorts of industries.

Our group of expert professional firstly, understand your business and accordingly design the best suitable SCADA program.

So take advantages of SCADA’s popularity and automate your processes with AAG Engineering Technologies SCADA program by contacting us at or visit our website at

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