May 17, 2017

Learn how AAG Engineering can be your partner in saving energy with its efficient lighting management system.


In the last article, we have already described the problems faced by any BMS in the installation of efficient lighting management system. In this article, we would give you a detail description about how AAG Engineering Technologies can be your partner in making efficient use of lighting energy.

In general, in any BMS, lighting energy management has to provide the optimal lighting level for any task with the most efficient light source suitable. Also, this light is to be provided only when and where it is needed.

Here is how AAG Engineering achieves efficient Lighting Management System in Buildings

At AAG, we achieve efficient lighting management system in buildings by using lighting control strategies and lighting control system. The main purpose of these systems is to reduce energy consumption while providing a productive visual environment.

The visual environment includes:

  • Providing the right amount of light
  • Providing the light where it is needed
  • Providing the light when it is needed

Lighting management system of AAG Engineering achieves lighting control along with fulfilling these basic priorities. The lighting control depends on some factors which need to be defined beforehand. These factors are:

  • The lighting needs to the level of illumination, ambiance, etc.
  • The task zone/area like position, size, disposition, etc.
  • The occupation time
  • The control needs of the user.

Once these factors are known our engineers can efficiently manage lighting management system by defining the performance parameters as accepted by the end user. In addition, it also depends on baseline conditions to which the performance should be compared.

These performance parameters include:

  • Visual performance and comfort
  • Building energy use
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance
  • Flexibility (versatility)

An optimal lighting management system performance needs not only to reach a good performance with respect to saving electrical energy but also to be accepted by the end-user.

This is because if the end-user gets disturbed by the operation of the system then he may disable it. A high user acceptance guarantees undisturbed operations and consequently energy savings.

That is why we at AAG make it a point to serve all the needs of the end user as our prime priority.

AAG Engineering Technologies is known for installing an efficient lighting management system not only for new buildings but also for the existing buildings.

AAG has gained deep understanding with its so many projects for existing buildings regarding their specific constraints and requirements.

Firstly, we conduct an audit for the existing lighting management system. Thereby, we analyze the existing lighting system and determine the possibility of up gradation considering the technical and economic constraints.

We stand for the quality and performance of our lighting management system.

If you wish to install such energy saving systems in your building management systems contact our sales representatives at or visit our website to know more about our services.


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