April 28, 2017

An introduction to AAG Engineering’s Fire protection system

fireBuilding Management system from AAG Engineering provides various services like safety, security, fire systems, lift management, AC system, ventilation, cooling, heating. These are just a few of them.  Fire protection system is one of such services. Here is an introduction to AAG Engineering’s fire protection system.

AAG Engineering Technologies firmly believe that the design of any fire protection system should be based on science that takes into account a building’s use, occupancy, footprint, and even its other installed systems!

Our experience also says that every fire-protection system is unique for every building. They are not only sophisticated but complicated too. Every well-designed fire protection system, whether it is being designed for a new building or being installed as part of a renovation or retrofit, must be developed with specific objectives in mind.

Hence, at AAG we thoroughly plan for fire protection system and take into account entire building components. Ideally speaking, the analysis needs to go beyond basic code compliance and the owner’s minimum legal responsibilities for providing protection.

That is why our planning and designing process has an involvement of all building ownership and management, architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants and we fully understand the issues and concerns of all the parties.

The basic components of fire protection system

While there is no standard fire protection system’s design blueprint that exists for any two buildings. In general, we at AAG Engineering follow these basic components for fire protection system in addition to catering to the client’s needs:

  • Code Compliance – Codes are legal minimum requirements that you should meet.
  • The Basics – The basic things to be considered while building fire protection system are saving lives, property and preserving business continuity.
  • Detection systems – The most vital benefit of the good detection system is that in many cases there is a chance to extinguish a small early blaze with a fire extinguisher.
  • Alarms and notification systems – Alarm system is a must in any facility. It is an alarm that throws a warning to the occupants and to the public service provider like the fire station and initiates an early response.
  • Suppression systems – Sprinklers are most widely specified suppression system in commercial facilities that is assumed to save many life’s in the case of fire emergency.

Apart from these, the most important factor in Building Management system is maintenance. We at AAG Engineering have faith in building long-term enduring relations. Our Building management systems are well planned and designed and require nominal maintenance.

Maintenance of fire protection system with AAG

We acknowledge the fact that an improperly maintained system lacks reliability and, therefore, true protection. If a system is not maintained properly, its reliability degrades rapidly. We ourselves recommend our clients to not to install any system that you can’t routinely maintain and test easily and effectively.

Many Building Management systems service providers work on the line of the assumption that designing and installing a system is one thing – maintaining it is another. But AAG assumes that our main work starts after deployment of our systems only.

For any Building Management systems maintenance is crucial. The one who has designed it can maintain the system more efficiently. In fact, many systems become too difficult or too intricate to maintain. If not maintained properly they will not work properly.

For example, a visible sprinkler on ceiling tells building occupants that building is safe and if they know that the fire protection system is working properly it gives them assurance that they are safe.

So, give your occupants a feeling of safety and security with AAG Engineering Technologies Building Management Systems. For further information contact our sales representatives at or visit our website at

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