May 24, 2017

How BMS of AAG Engineering can help you in saving money and energy?



BMS by AAG Engineering is configured in such a way that it will not only save energy efficiently but will also reduce operational cost subsequently.

Reduce cost and save energy with BMS of AAG Engineering

  • For industries, AAG designs BMS in a way that it makes an optimal start and stop of the plant.
  • AAG’s BMS for the building is designed to warm up and cool down cycles in order to save energy.
  • It even takes into consideration night purge in order to save energy.
  • For the industrial purpose, we take into consideration seasonal change and accordingly, our BMS makes adjustments to automate the seasonal change in plant and controls its temperature accordingly.
  • One of the main criteria in BMS is to have proper control strategies to manage load during peak time.
  • In a well managed BMS having control in the emission of CO2 is mandatory to maintain efficient execution of the system. We include it on priority level in our Economy cycle.
  • For continuous and efficient running of plant or any BMS monitoring of equipment during runtime and duty, cycling is a crucial aspect. At AAG every BMS is designed to do so.
  • Acknowledging the fact that energy management system has become the need of the hour, our systems have been configured to get well integrated with Energy Management System (EMS).
  • For efficient use of energy, real-time monitoring of energy performance is also a part of our BMS.
  • Our BMS is a smart control system that makes proactive adjustment as per need of the hour and doesn’t wait for retrospective catch up
  • How efficiently load is managed is measured against load profile targets. It gives important results as to how the system is managing the load or it needs some improvement.
  • The BMS drafted by AAG separates tenant and base building loads right from the start to utilize it for a future course.
  • Energy demand and consumption dashboards are maintained by the system so monitor the graph for management purpose.

The above-mentioned factors are just the trailer of the entire BMS designed and implemented by AAG Engineering Technologies.

Our systems are known for their efficient and energy saving aspects. We would be glad to design and implement such systems for your buildings and plants and be your partner in cost and energy saving.

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