September 22, 2017

WebAccess Software: why is it preferred for HMI and SCADA?

HMIWebAccess software offered by AAG Engineering Technologies has many more virtues and is valuable especially for HMI and SCADA. AAG Engineering technologies have successfully installed it in many of its projects.

Below mentioned are few benefits of WebAccess Software in continuation to those mentioned in earlier articles:

Alarm Handling Package:

WebAccess provides a notification system to inform operators of process and equipment status. Each Tag in the system has alarming which can be enabled in its database configuration without creating additional tags or logic. Email notification of Alarms is a standard feature in WebAccess.

The scheduler can schedule different email recipients based on Time of day, shift, Day of Week, and Holiday schedules.

Data Logging and Historical Trending:

Each tag can be logged to a separate file on the SCADA node hard drive. Historical and Real-time data for the tag are viewed in the Data Log Trend displays. Tags can be added or removed from the Data Log Trend group without losing historical data.

Real-Time only Trending:

Real-Time Only trending is supported by trends in short-term data that does not need to be archived. Examples include tuning parameters for controllers or other seldom viewed information.

Real-time Only trends are also useful for panel type interfaces or devices where disk space is a premium. It loose data once it scrolls off the screen or the display is closed.

Standard Popup Dialog Boxes:

System development is made easier and faster by utilizing the standard dialog Boxes for user interaction. These boxes are pre-built and popup when a user tries to change a tag or request a display list.

Change Dialog Box:

The standard change dialog box provides the ability to enter data without a keyboard using numeric buttons, alphanumeric, and state buttons with appropriate state descriptor. This is especially useful for field-mounted display panels using a touchscreen instead of a keyboard.

Local Screen Tags:

Scripts and Displays support the use of local screen tags to store results, read operator inputs and create complex calculations with screen scripts. There is no limit to the local screen tags in WebAccess.

Data Transfer Function:

It provides an easy to implement the method of sending data between automation equipment. The Data Transfer reads a tag then sends the value to another tag on a periodic frequency.

Scripts using Tcl:

Scripts in WebAccess are based on the open-source programming language Tcl. Web Access supports all version 8.4 built-in Tcl commands and features. Scripts are simple programs used to customize your displays screens and SCADA system with user built calculations and logic. Scripts in WebAccess are powerful enough to communicate with other programs and do control.

Display Scan feature:

Display-scan tags are scanned only when an operator calls up the display. These are usually setpoint, controller tuning and controller configuration” tags in the controller. By using Display Scan type tags for setpoint, tuning and infrequently used, “non-alarm points” and “not data logged points” you can effectively increase the throughput of your system.

Native Drivers:

WebAccess provides many Native Drivers that communicate directly to PLCs, devices and automation networks without using 3rd Party Servers to provide faster and more reliable communications.

Recipe Function:

Recipes provide an easy method for operators and users to change the value of hundreds of settings in automation devices. Start-up or Shutdown settings can be downloaded from a single pushbutton and the “recipes” for various products can be used to “set-up” automation equipment for different product runs of multiple products. This is very useful for recipe management across various lines in a plant.

The advantages of WebAccess software are too vast to mention them completely. Still, the most important ones are mentioned here.

With our rich experience, we have used WebAccess to deploy HMI and SCADA successfully in various industries.

If you too wish to implement HMI or even if you wish to completely automate your plant we would be happy to do that.

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