September 15, 2017

WebAccess software: Why is it preferred for HMI and SCADA?

HMI and SCADAThe WebAccess software is a fully web browser-based software package for HMI and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) that is supported by AAG Engineering Technologies.

AAG has immense experience and knowledge about HMI and SCADA. We have successfully deployed complete automation in many plants.

The reason we support WebAccess is the benefits we get by implementing it. Here are few benefits of implementing WebAccess software for HMI and SCADA:

Web Browser Client to View and Control:

In manufacturing facilities, industrial process plants, and building automation systems, users can view and control automation equipment by using a standard Web-Browser. It displays data to operators and users in real-time with dynamically updated graphics using full motion animation. Though a plug-in is required for the full-animation client.

Web Browser based engineering:

HMI and SCADA require interacting with all engineering aspects. WebAccess enables database configuration, graphics building and software administration to be performed using a simple standard web browser as well.

Communications Drivers to Industrial Automation Hardware

WebAccess also supplies communications drivers that enable remote personal computers to communicate with automation hardware including programmable logic controllers (PLC), IO, controllers, direct digital control systems (DDC) and distributed control systems (DCS).

Without these applications HMI and SCADA both are incomplete. It is easy to implement these drivers by just using fill-in-the-blanks forms through an ordinary web browser.

Distributed Architecture for SCADA node:

SCADA nodes run independently of any other node. Each SCADA node communicates to automation equipment using the communication drivers supplied with WebAccess. SCADA nodes also provide Alarming, Logs, Reports, Calculations and other SCADA features. Each SCADA node has its own graphics displays and a runtime database. WebAccess is the mode of communication for SCADA.

Centralized Database Server for Network Development:

The Project Node is a centralized database server of configuration data. A copy of the database and graphics of all SCADA nodes is kept on the Project Node. If files are lost from the SCADA node, they can be easily downloaded with a single mouse click through WebAccess.

Remote development features accommodate large, multiple node installations, including updating of all nodes on a network from a single location or multiple locations using a web browser.

Ordinary Web Server:

WebAccess uses an ordinary web server as the Project Node. It provides the initial link between Clients and the SCADA nodes. Only the Project Node is a Web Server. Redundant Project Nodes acting as redundant Web Servers are easily implemented. SCADA nodes are not web servers. This makes WebAccess a “fully” web-based solution.

WebAccess enables engineers, integrators, and vendors with the ability to support their systems remotely over an intranet or the Internet using an ordinary web browser.

Active X control

WebAccess Client Plug-in is an Active X control that allows it to run inside an Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0 web browser.

These are just a few of many features of WebAccess software of HMI and SCADA. HMI and SCADA are becoming part of the day-to-day activity in every industry.  

AAG Engineering has immense experience implementing them successfully with brands like Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider and ABB PLC systems. You can visit our website at or mail us your doubts at

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