April 24, 2017

Few interesting facts about Apron weigh feeder

Apron weigh feeder

Apron weigh feeder is most needed feeder when it comes to feeding material in material handling system that is sticky, dumpy, bulky and is unmanageable by other feeders. Here are more such interesting facts of apron weigh feeder.

What is the use of Apron weigh feeder?

Material handling operations are using Apron weigh feeder as a secondary and tertiary feeder to ensure reliable operation with very low maintenance and downtime. Many operations even use apron weigh feeder as primary feeder depending on the characteristic of the material and the type of operation to be carried upon.

Where is the Apron weigh feeder used?

Apron weigh feeder can be used at any bulk material handling operation that requires flow control. But apron weigh feeders are at the higher range in terms of cost. So basically, they are used where other feeder’s fail to operate. Materials that are sticky or humid or bulky or wet in nature and cannot be managed by other feeders. This is where apron weigh feeder comes to rescue. Its design and way of operation make it suitable for operations of such materials.

What are the major applications of Apron weigh feeder?

There are three major applications of apron weigh feeder, namely –

Primary: When Apron weigh feeder is used to control the feed of +60” X 0 Run of Mine materials to primary crushers or dump stations it is termed as the primary application.

Secondary: When Apron weigh feeder is used under crushers, hoppers & bins to act as a buffer to downstream equipment and to control the surge of 12” X 0 material it is termed as a secondary application.

Tertiary: When Apron weigh feeder is typically utilized under silos and stockpiles to reclaim 10” X 0 materials from storage it is termed as a tertiary application.

Who uses it?

Apron weigh feeder is widely used in –

  • Loading and unloading terminals
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • mineral processing plants
  • open pit mining
  • Quarrels of all types
  • Strip mining operations
  • underground mining operations
  • Transshipping terminals

Some of the industries where apron weigh feeder are highly used are:

  • Gypsum
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Coal
  • Gold
  • Bauxite
  • Cements
  • Power plants

What is the principle of operation of Apron weigh feeder?

Apron weigh feeder primarily consists of two strands of endless tractor chain with either cast manganese or fabricated steel pans (flights) bolted to common link of each strand.

These chains are driven by sprockets that are mounted to a head shaft. The pans travel with the chain and articulate over the head sprockets to discharge material.

This way of operation of apron weigh feeder makes it suitable for operations that other feeders fail to do.

Apron weigh feeder ideally should be engineered and built with a robust design and attention given to maintenance and reliability for long term industrial type operation.

AAG Engineering has gained rich and diverse experience working more than a decade implementing apron weigh feeder for a diverse range of industries. We manufacture apron weigh feeder that is rough and tough in design and suitable for the long term industrial type of operations.

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