February 10, 2017

Facing challenges in moving bulky materials – AAG Engineering is at your aid with its Conveyor belt systems!!

Conveyor systems or Conveyor Belts are being used in industries and manufacturing companies for almost a century. Conveyor Belts are must for transport and movement of large and heavy industrial materials. They are also used in companies or industries where self-unloading of bulk freighters are needed for moving items. AAG Engineering has immense experience in designing ad manufacturing of conveyor belts of wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Conveyor Belt

AAG ‘s Design of Conveyor Belt

Basically a conveyor system is equipment that mechanically transports mainly bulky or heavy materials from one place to another, quickly and efficiently. AAG designs Conveyor belt that uses two pulleys which forms a continuous loop over the material that rotates above. Designing enables rotation of material due to endless procession of hooks, gears, buckets and wide rubber belt inbuilt in it. This belt is wide spread so as to allow uninterrupted flow of material. Rollers are fixed in center along the path of the belt so that it doesn’t sinks in between while carrying heavy and bulky material.

Conveyor Belts manufactured by AAG Engineering are sturdy and tough to carry operation for any sort of materials. To cater to varying need of customers AAG manufactures Conveyor Belt of different scale models. AAG Engineering also manufactures Electronic system along with conveyor belt that enables monitoring of production/inventory and optimum use of raw materials. This in turn ensures effective management & operation of plant.

AAG Engineering is eager to provide you solution for movement of bulky and heavy materials along with effective management of your plant.

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