March 29, 2017

Bunker level measurement solutions from AAG Engineering

AAG Engineering manufactures bunker level measurement systems. They are basically used for the measurement of coal level in bunkers in power plants.

bunker level measurement

Need of Bunker level measurement system

Problem area:

It is essential to measure the level of coal in bunkers that feed the turbines and which in turn, generates electricity. Continuous level measurement is a critical process in coal-fired power plants as  unreliable levels of coal in the bunkers can potentially interrupt electricity generation and cause disruption in service.

Now let us see why this disruption occurs

In the power plants, the coal is conveyed to bunkers continuously through ship or train or other modes of transport. The coal is unloaded into bunkers minimum up to 30 m high. The coal is transported to these bunkers from stockpiles at the power plant via conveyor belt systems either overground or underground.

Additional conveyor belts feed pulverized units where the coal is converted into a fine dust for subsequent combustion in the boiler firebox. Reliable level measurements are necessary to guarantee uninterrupted feeding of the firebox and prevent overfilling in the bunkers.

Why Manual Bunker level measurement fails

Maintaining a constant supply of coal in the bunkers has proven to be a challenge. In the past, high-level mechanical type switches were used for alarm control near the top of the bunkers.

Many plants still have operators that make use of a rope and weight to measure the level in the fifty or sixty-foot tall bunkers. Many times, the bunkers would run empty of coal, which would cause a disruption/delay in the fueling of the burner and leads to electricity delays.

These necessity has given birth to the bunker level measurement systems.

With our vast experience in handling Bulk Material handling for Coals and other materials we have developed equal expertise to measure and maintain the coal levels in your bunkers.

AAG Engineering also manufactures the conveyor belts and other bulk weighing systems. For more details download our product overview

Working Principle of AAG’s bunker level measurement system

Bunker Level Measurement SystemAAG Engineering’s bunker level system records the level in the bunker continuously. Then it converts the level difference in mass (Tons/Kgs) by means of press-fit type special and unique strain gauge sensor and compression type gauge.

These sensors are filled with the support structure of bunker and can operate without any concern of failure and maintenance. The design of the sensor is such that it compensates temperature change and wind deflection. The system accuracy is not affected by corrosion, abrasion, dusting or sidewalls build-up.

We have immense knowledge and skills in implementing bunker level measurement system as per client’s requirements and specifications. If you wish to implement it in your plant contact our sales team at or visit our website at




















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