October 31, 2016

4 Tips for choosing the right Bulk Weighing Equipment Supplier

Tip 1: Solution Oriented Approach

A Bulk Weighing Equipment Supplier may have a vast portfolio to offer, but what you need is something that not only solves your weighing challenge but is a right fit. Remember, a right supplier will provide the right solution for your particular challenge.

Hence, always look for a supplier that first understands your challenges, a good supplier will take time to understand your particular material handling challenge, and will propose a business-oriented, as opposed to a hardware-oriented, solution.

Bulk Weighing Equipment

Tip 2: Seamless material flow

The right vendor will evaluate your particular needs in detail and assess what has to be done to keep product and value flowing out to your customer without unnecessary interruption or delay.

Tip 3: Material property check

Does your vendor has done enough study on your material? Remember that understanding the properties and characteristics of the material is the first step in designing a bulk material handling system. It’s true that as a customer, you will be conveying, and how the material behaves once in the conveyor. Good Bulk Weighing Equipment Suppliers will have the know-how and proven track record for successfully moving the material you need to convey; if there is any uncertainty about how your material will behave in their equipment, a good supplier will always recommend a product test under controlled conditions to ensure they provide an effective equipment solution.

Tip 4: A good combination of Process Automation and other services

Be able to provide an integrated solution, where equipment hardware and controls are effectively married into a total solution that addresses your challenge and operating environment.

Good suppliers go beyond mere equipment provision, and provide a full range of services, including those for installation and commissioning, servicing, training, and replacement parts provisioning.

Process Automation is another part that your supplier should have hands on experience on.

Analyzing the outputs, generating reports, and bringing out the details of the essential parameters is what will allow you to understand the performance of the system.

Choosing AAG ENGINEERING Technologies

AAG Engineering has been a trusted supplier of Bulk material systems for over a decade now. The company has installation base in India as well as abroad with a high ratio of customer satisfaction. The company specializes in Designing, Manufacturing, Supply and Commissioning of Dynamic Weighing Systems catering to Cement, Steel, Glass and Coal Plants to various countries across the World.

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