October 6, 2016

Understanding the basics of Bulk Material Handling

Being a production manager you would understand that there are many challenges involved in conveying and processing dry bulk material lying in your production house. However, not often the knowledge of the same is readily available to the processors when selecting bulk material equipment.

bulk material handling

If you are entrusted to select the right bulk weighing system for you, then before selecting the size of the equipment and other selection metrics you should know the following beforehand,

  • Bulk density
  • Minimum and maximum partial size
  • Particle properties
  • Material Type – chemical, organic, inorganic, food-based, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical, or agricultural
  • Environmental considerations – humidity, toxicity, ambient temperatures, shipping distance and more

Bulk Material Systems for AAG

Above are some of the elements that are to be considered before equipment is selected for conveying, feeding, unloading, and filling. Challenges arise when these are the only elements considered when equipment is designed. Processors share in the frustration of dry material systems not meeting production capacity and struggle with material flow issues even though equipment is sized and rated for the specified elements listed above.

Unlike gaseous and liquid systems where in absence of pressure drops, the state of the product conveyed or transported does not fluctuate much. In bulk materials however, this is not always the case. Bulk density as an example is not a constant figure. The same material can have varying bulk densities in different stages of production causing flow rates to change creating the need for processing formulas to be adjusted.

At AAG we help design and choose the best bulk material handling system for you. Our solutions have helped our clients to create a full line of material handling and conveyor equipment that can be employed individually or as a system.

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