April 7, 2017

Building Management Systems – why is it gaining so much momentum?

Technological innovations have made things easy when it comes to building management systems. Looking at the recent trends, the physical monitoring of buildings to control electrical and mechanical equipment is being phased out by the building management systems.


Building management systems is a computerized process for checking on the lighting power systems, security systems, ventilations of a building and many such managerial activities.

AAG Engineering building management systems haves a lot of benefits which we at AAG Engineering has a breakdown to enhance your understanding.

Benefits of Building Management Systems

  • Reduced installation costs: Since the whole building management system concept comes as a package the cost of installation is reduced as compare to individual installation costs. If you wish to know about the entire package of building management systems offered by AAG Engineering technologies contact our sales representatives at
  • Flexibility and ease of change: The whole system is flexible and is tailor-made to suit the individual building systems requirements. Even post installation major or minor changes can be made with ease. We at AAG have experience in installing building management systems for various buildings then may it be a hospital or a luxury hotel or plants, we can cater to all sorts of requirements.
  • Customized control strategies: Many buildings have different requirements and priorities. For example, priorities of hospitals are different from that of luxury hotels. AAG implements the building management systems with that into considerations.
  • Operator interaction: An efficient building management system requires minimal operators intervention. Systems implemented by AAG have software programmed to take requisite actions in case of any discrepancy and inform the operators if any emergency arises.
  • Feedback and control: Building management system provides feedback and exercises effective control on all the machines and equipment. If any action is to be taken like if there is a leakage in any pipe the well-programmed software will inform the operator and even suggests the best suitable action to be undertaken.
  • Integration with other building services: As the name suggests building management systems is in itself a complete system that manages all other services of the buildings like lift management, fire system, water management, lighting and much more. It collaborates all under one roof and ensures efficient running of the system by the proper interaction of these services with each other.

Not only these but building management systems have a lot to offer and probably that is why its demand has increased manifolds.

Improved Occupant Comfort Conditions

  • It enables automated change of failed equipment.
  • It enables greater load based control strategies
  • It keeps on monitoring the trend data of performance. This helps to improve the fault finding.
  • It offers the most needed feature of maintaining the air quality management (CO2).
  • A quick alarm notification of faults by building management systems aids in the reduction of downtime.

The other features of building management systems specifically related to plants that are responsible for raising the row over it are:

Energy Management and Reduce Operational Costs

  • Optimal start and stop of plant
  • Building warm up and cool down cycles
  • Night purge
  • Automatic Seasonal plant sequence selection
  • Seasonal temperature setting adjustments
  • Load based control strategies
  • Economy cycle control including CO2
  • Equipment runtime monitoring and duty cycling
  • Occupancy control and control setback

The list is too long when it comes to writing down the benefits of building management systems. The technological advances are going on adding these benefits. But when it comes to technology, utmost care should be taken since a single mistake can cause a great disaster. Therefore, a reliable building management system services provider like AAG Engineering Technological solutions should be preferred. Contact us to enjoy the benefits of BMS, bulk weighing solutions and process automation related services at or visit our website at




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