April 10, 2017

Bucket Elevator from AAG Engineering and few tips on how to implement them!!

Bucket elevator has proven themselves for vertical transport of many and diverse bulk materials for decades. AAG Engineering technologies have a high-performance bucket elevator technology in the market.

Bucket Elevator & Belt Conveyor System

AAG Engineering’s bucket elevator is used for continuous process applications for transports.

Technical Specifications:

  • In general, the conveying height of the AAG Engineering’s bucket elevator ranges from 10m to 100m.
  • The conveying capacity of the bucket elevator is up to 100 TPH

Apart from this AAG is known in the market for providing all bulk weighing equipment as per client’s requirements.

For this our team of expert engineers firstly, analyze the necessity of implementation of bucket elevator in the client’s locations.

Then taking into consideration the available space, the product requirements and other constraints our expert’s design bucket elevator in the most optimized way.

Our services don’t stop here but it gets one more momentum from here onwards. We ensure that our clients won’t have to stop their operations at any time for repair or any fault issues.

Our products stand for robust and life-long industrial performances and safety that can work under adverse conditions. Like our products, even our relations with our client’s are robust and enduring.

If you too are looking for such products and relations for all your bulk weighing solutions or process automation or building management systems or wish to place an order for bucket elevator visit our website at or contact our sales representatives at

Bucket elevator was consistently developed even in the past. They enable the highest possible conveying capacities with maximum center distances today.

AAG has rich experience providing its client’s with bucket elevator that best suits their needs.

This experience has helped us evolve into more better solution provider of efficient bucket elevator for metal, cement, pulverized coal, cullet and other fine batch materials.

Here are few tips to be considered before implementing bucket elevator of AAG Engineering

Location, Foundation, and Elevator Support

  • Before laying the foundation for the bucket elevator a due consideration must be given to live loads, dead loads, wind loads, and soil bearing loads as well as proper moisture run-off on the top of the base.
  • If the location analysis for implementing of the bucket elevator is not done by AAG Engineers then due diligence should be done to the depth of boot pit, side of the boot to be fed, the direction of discharge at the head, possible overhead obstructions, etc.
  • The location of guy wire anchoring points on the ground and on nearby structures must be planned for ahead of time. Bucket elevators will stand vertically but must be supported with guy wires to protect against wind loads.
  • Provide sufficient clearance for guying, anchoring, and bracing. When the bucket elevator is to be fed from a feeder or conveyor, allow for proper clearances for drives, discharges, and valves.

A well-evaluated proper thought given to such matters prior to installation can prevent later problems in the flow plan and avoid possible bottlenecks.

Take advantage of AAG Engineering Technologies services to have an uninterrupted flow of operations.

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