July 3, 2017

Crucial tips for BMS maintenance from AAG Engineering

BMS maintenanceBuilding Management System links the functionality of individual pieces of building equipment so that they operate as one complete integrated system. Hence BMS maintenance is a prime aspect of the efficient functioning of the entire building.

Here are some tips for BMS maintenance

System documentation: Efficient BMS maintenance requires effective documentation system. If each and every aspect is well documented right from the purchase papers to when last maintenance was carried out of the equipment then maintenance of the entire system becomes systematic. Mentioned below are details that should be included in system documentation:

  • Functional Description (FD): Each and every equipment may it be small or big, its functional description should be preserved well. In fact, a separate file should be maintained for it.
  • Details of the configuration of the BMS: Every BMS system is unique and is tailored made to suit the requirements. So taking note of all the configurations is mandatory for efficient BMS maintenance.
  • Overview of the building services: A Document containing a brief overview of the entire services of the building is very important. Services offered by each building are distinguished from others depending on the purpose the building serves.
  • BMS control strategies and operation sequence: A detail description of each of the BMS control strategies and sequences of operation will be of great help to decide which sub-system should undergo maintenance first and which systems are interdepended.
  • System interaction: Along with it a document depicting the interaction between each part of the system is also crucial.
  • Network architecture drawing: A complete drawing of the entire network architecture would be a decisive point in case of fault finding or establishing a spare capacity.
  • Physical wiring connections: Documentation of all the minute details of the physical wiring connections to controllers is a key aspect of an efficient BMS.

System Maintenance: While carrying out system maintenance it is crucial to understand what exactly would be done under maintenance. How frequently maintenance will be accomplished. Most important on whom the responsibility for the entire maintenance is entrusted upon. If theses basic questions are answered then BMS maintenance becomes more easy to manage.

  • The BMS belongs to the building owner who should act as its administrator managing BMS access rights.
  • The BMS should be maintained with an appropriate level of service.
  • As with any software driven system, data and files should be backed up on a regular basis.
  • Critical components should be identified and checked at regular intervals.
  • BMS functions such as trend data, reports and alarms can be used to perform maintenance by exception.
  • Maintenance should be approached as the performance of the controlled system, not individual components, i.e. AHU or Chiller Plant.

BMS Lifecycle considerations: While undergoing repair or cleaning of any equipment of BMS, it should be considered that BMS is a system of machines which are interlinked. Machines have life-cycle and need up gradation every now and then. And for the effeicient management of the system, it is essential to keep on upgrading the equipment or even bring in a completely renewed equipment. Discussed below are the details

  • BMS administrator needs to keep a regular check on equipment production cycle status
  • Hardware with proven record (avoid beta) should only be selected.
  • The level of software and hardware support should be checked.
  • The lifecycle of few types of equipment is as stated below:
  • BMS field controllers – 15 to 20 years
  • Field devices – 15 to 20 years
  • BMS computer hardware – 3 to 5 years
  • BMS software – Major releases 3 to 5 years

AAG Engineering Technologies can be your partner in BMS maintenance. Our technicians and a team of expert professionals are not only fast in fault finding but also in updating the system in such a way that no such fault appears.

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