December 4, 2017

Tips for successful automation selling from AAG Engineering Technologies

automation sellingMany people have are of a view that automation selling is similar to product or service selling. But that’s not true! Solutions of Automation selling can be tricky for the most successful product sales gurus if they lacked the flexibility to change their mindset and their view of clients’ expectations.

Automation selling is an art that requires both experiences as a seller as well as a buyer. We at AAG Engineering Technologies have decades of experience in Automation. Through our rich experience, we have derived our solution for successful selling and the one that keeps us on top in the industry.

Sharing our success tips with you!!

1) Be well-versed with your Product

In the field of automation, products are sold to highly professional clients’ like engineers who are well versed in their field. If the client is aware of your product more than you, then nothing can build back his faith in you!

Even with your busy schedule, you can always learn through catalogs, read manuals, ask your technical support team and discuss your proposals with your solution architect.

2) Discuss before placing your offer

Never rely on the tender document or an RFQ you receive on the fax. They are misleading.

So, the first talk to your clients, listen to them carefully, understand their actual needs and then like a genuine sales consultant it is your turn to talk.

3) Address their PAIN

The golden words applicable here stop talking about your product!

Try to understand your client’s past bad experience, why was he unhappy with his last suppliers? Can you offer him a solution for long-term operating costs? Can your solution offer him low maintenance for his remote sites?

Answer their pain with an integrated approach to your products and services, and believe me your product is sold!!

4) Offer should be descriptive, educative and technical

If your offer is too technical and you are explaining it through just catalogs and datasheets, even though it may be with the latest new technology, you will lose it! You may understand this latest new technology as you are constantly into it but not necessarily the customer.

Make your offer very descriptive and EDUCATIVE to your audience, make it easy to read for the average, not so technical person, make the technical proposal personal to your customer and let him sense it, if they really learn something new from your offer, they would prefer to buy from you than your competitor.

6) Deliver the offer personally

Make it a point to always deliver the automation selling offer personally rather than just sending it. Book your appointment with the client prior so as to present and illustrate your offer. You should explain all the pains of your clients and the solutions to his pain through your offer. Grab this opportunity to make the client understand your offer completely and to get instantaneous feedback for any change if required before your offer starts getting a comparison from your competitor.

7) Never Negotiate Quality or Safety

The final talk for every sales talk is MONEY!! The client will always try his best to get the price reduced and he is well-versed in it with his tricks.

There may be a point where you may have to propose to remove some components or reduce some system functionality or redundancy. But even in worst case, never ever compromise on quality, as in our scope, product quality is directly related to personal and equipment safety. Be firm on it!

Even if you are losing your project to another supplier who is compromising on quality, it is fine. Yeah, believe us. You stick to your side of the line. Even if your sale is lost you have kept your company’s reputation and your credibility. Sooner or later this customer will realize that less is more when he gets a taste of the low-quality providers.

Concludingly, we at AAG Engineering firmly believe that you should learn your stuff, educate your customer, ask him questions to know his PAIN, spend time carefully crafting your offer thinking about all the possible audience then personally present your offer, and never compromise quality even if you lose the sale.

So, if you are looking for such kind of automation selling offer, AAG would also be glad to have you as our customer.

We believe in long-term and robust relationships!! Contact us at or visit our website at


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