February 3, 2017

AAG’s Apron Weigh Feeder – Solution for bulky or sticky material feeding

What is Apron Weigh Feeder

In order to produce products of consistent quality, proportional feeding of the raw materials is necessary in the production process. Normal weigh feeder finds it difficult to maintain proportional flow of some materials that are wet or bulky or lumpy or sticky. This is where Apron Weight Feeder offers the solution. An Apron Feeder is a feeder that is used to draw out raw material from dump hoppers or bins or stock piles and also to feed materials.

When Apron Weigh Feeder is used

Apron Weigh Feeder is used when extremely slow speed needs to be maintained or to maintain control rate of speed during bulk material handling operation. It is also required when materials have poor flow properties and are difficult to feed because of their dampness or stickiness or instability or bulkiness like – Clay, Raw Mix, Limestone, Minerals, Raw Coal, Slit, Wet Plaster, Refinery Waste, Big Particle Size material, lumpy material, or those materials that cannot be managed by other feeder or equipments. Apron Weigh feeder is generally used for short distances.

How Apron Feeder works

The Apron Feeder’s belt consists of the buckled plates that helps smoothly transfer even sticky products. Depending on the requirement sometimes belts are fitted with needles also so as to block off the feed hopper.

Advantages of Apron Weigh Feeder

  • More reliable
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Requires less spare parts
  • Provides better feed control
  • Saves money in long term

At AAG we manufacture Apron Weigh Feeders that are engineered and built with a robust design as per the needs of the customers. While manufacturing, special attention is given to maintenance and reliability for long term industrial type operation so as to have lasting relations with our clients.

We are looking forward to have enduring relation with you!!

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