May 29, 2017

Need of alarm management system in modern manufacturing sector

alarm management system

Alarms are assumed to be installed just to help people to get up and run. But there is much more to alarm. Alarm management system is ingenious devices or systems, which are a part of our daily lives.

They save millions of dollars every year when it comes to responding emergency situations, like when a fire breaks out in any BMS or a mishap in a plant or during the routine tasks like informing the supervisor that the ingredient raw material is not of required shape before it goes into production.

Alarm systems can be of various types depending on the need for which it has been designed. Even the severity of an alarm system differs with respect to the purpose it is utilized for.

From an industrial perspective, to quote an example, in processes where increased radiation or rise in the gas level may lead to potential disaster, alarms play an important role of alerting the operators to avert the untoward incident.

On the other hand, in a BMS, an alarm can be utilized to suggest the manager that water is flowing excessively from a particular area and immediate action is required.

Let’s explore more on the benefits of alarm management system.

Need of alarm management system in manufacturing

In a plant, a lot of activities should be managed besides production activity for its effective functioning. Subsidiary functions, like procurement, maintenance, logistics, R&D & quality control must work in a synchronized and well-controlled manner.

But what about the non-synchronized events which need to be controlled and monitored on a daily basis?


An alarm system is expected to raise alarm in case of any unanticipated incident occurrence. At AAG Engineering we ensure that our process automation services detect any unusual processes and there is an alarm that rings well before the situation is precarious, thus completely preventing the incident from happening.

Let us consider the procurement activity as an example. Many top managers in the pursuit of just-in-time management to keep stock of raw materials and consumables to the bare minimum limits.

Now, if during the production process, if production for a particular item gets increased in a particular shift, causing a particular material say ‘A’ to be consumed in a higher than usual amount, the process automation should detect this by cross-referencing the consumption of material ‘A’ with the current stock held.

The Alarm Management System should immediately cause an alarm message to be sent to requisite personnel. Process automation if configured accordingly can even re-send the alarm at regular intervals until the stock is ordered or the supplier acknowledges the demand thus made.

In the above scenario, chances of personnel taking action and accomplishing the task of filling the raw material increases manifolds with the alarm management system and human error can be pulled down to zero.

A well-configured alarm management system should target three main things:

  • Inform requisite parties
  • Guide to initiate action
  • Monitor if the required action is taken or in a case report to higher authorities.

Ideally, in the manufacturing sector, an alarm management system should cover all aspects of the operation and relate them to the necessary plan. This is possible only when the process automation is configured using SCADA or PLC, or in simple words, software is programmed accordingly to raise an alarm in case of emergency and initiate action and cross verify if same is accomplished successfully.

In the world of manufacturing, situations like stock-out or shortage for raw material, consumables and spare parts, time limit reached maintenance schedules and so on should demand alarm notifications be sent.

AAG Engineering Technologies design effective alarm management system not only for plants but for BMS. You can communicate your need to us and we will analyze and design the best suitable alarm management system true to your requirements.

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