December 30, 2016

AAG Engineering Automation Solutions drives plant operation efficiency

Process Automation is definitely good but only when it is implemented well. A wrong installation without proper consideration and careful execution, can become a source of ongoing maintenance headaches, production losses and costs for your business.

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AAG Engineering Automation Solutions drives plant operation efficiency which can overall improve operations. Our Engineers designs system that utilize proven and tested project methodology, international design standards and thorough simulation and testing procedures. This allows us to consistently deliver the highest quality automation systems designed to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

We have been successful in faster start-ups, greater system functionality, easier support and maintenance, and improved up-time and facility productivity.

Enhancing existing platforms

No matter what existing system you use, we have the experience and skill to automate them with minimum level of replacements.  Whether your project involves only programming, complete control system supply, or is part of a larger project, we can deliver you the optimum solution.

For more than a decade clients at AAG have relied on these services for the successful deployment of hundreds of applications and control systems in facilities across the globe and in various industries.

Here is a look at our expertise in Process Automation,

  • We can design control systems with necessary instrumentation devices. Also, we can integrate outputs and logic in PLC and SCADA systems.
  • Design scope included all elements of the Bulk Weighing Equipments as well including Belt Weigher Systems, Weigh Feeders, Feeding Systems, Flow Measurement Systems, Level Measurement System and Batching Systems
  • We design and manufacture panels to house control systems, variable frequency drives, controllers, relays, PLC system, and other equipment
  • Data archiving along with Trends charts, MIS reports, Batch reports etc.

Engineering teams at AAG Engineering have many years of experience working on Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider and ABB PLC systems. We have already commissioned many Plant automation systems across India and other countries.

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