August 28, 2017

All the basics about Motor Control Center

Motor Control CenterIn past few years, the term intelligent Motor Control Center (MCC) has captured a lot of attention. But it is not so easy to define intelligence as it sounds. To understand intelligence first let us have a look at traditional MCC technology.

To start with, let’s understand the role of MCC. It is basically used to a provide a compact, modular grouping for motor control and electrical distribution components.

Let me elaborate it in more detail with an example. Consider MCC as a filing cabinet. This cabinet has drawers that are full of lighting contractors, combination starters and other electrical distribution and control products.

Formerly, MCC units were electromechanical, with basic functions that included a power switching device, short-circuit and overload protection, local and remote actuation, and controller state indication.

Going into further details, MCC use to be an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units.

But now, Motor Control Center has become a factory assembly of several motor starters. A motor control center may include variable frequency drives, programmable controllers, and metering and may also be the electrical service entrance to the building.

It consists of feeders for motors and blowers. The design of feeder depends upon the motor rating. They have both auto and manual provision. The manual provision requires manual operation while auto provision requires an external signal to start the motor.

This signal is given by the control panel. Even indicators for the motor operation are present in the control panel.

This control panel is a kind of controller that aids to provide digital signals to the MCC panel to start the motor. These are specially designed to protect electrical equipment from heavy fluctuations in loads.

The electrical equipment includes PLC, VFD, fuses, switches; transformers and many other necessary components which are must to control the voltage of current for the smooth and hassle free performance of the device.

But many times there is a confusion between the control panel and MCC. The true difference lies in the fact that control panel is used to give a digital signal to the Motor Control Center panel to start the motor.

Specifically, it is mandatory for auto provisional MCC. Without control panel, MCC cannot fulfill its function as it needs a signal from the control panel to start the motor and power supply to the equipment on a constant basis.

Summarizing the difference between them it can be said that, both are incomplete without each other. The function of one totally depends on the function of other.

In today’s time, a single panel is used for both control panel and for MCC rather than using the separate ones. The combined panels are in high demand in the globalized market due to its high-performance and low price.

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