February 7, 2017

AAG Engineering Building Management Systems helps you save energy and money

Building management systems are must for large projects with extensive mechanical, HVAC, electrical systems, fire systems and security systems. Building management systems enables efficient use of natural, human and financial resources. These in turn ensures sustainable development for any Residential buildings, commercial spaces, hotels and hospitals.

building management systems

Building Management Systems is a control system, installed in buildings so as to monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment like ventilation, lifts, lighting, power systems, fire system, elevators and security systems. It uses both software and hardware to confirm complete control.

Integrated Building Management Systems from AAG

AAG Engineering offers a Building Management Systems that combines these multiple systems to form a single integrated system on a specially designed network. It facilitates monitoring and reporting of usage, costs and billing of particular building. Data is then collected from this system. This data is then sent to the concerned residents of the buildings. Depending on this data, residents can take required action so as to make efficient and economical use of energy and resources.

Thus, AAG Engineering’s Building Management Systems benefits a building in

  • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
  • Saving time and money during maintenance
  • Reduction in cost of labor
  • Increase in staff productivity
  • Improvement in life of equipments
  • Quick action on complaints
  • Integration of data for further use

If you are looking for well managed, energy efficient and cost effective BMS, AAG Engineering is your one stop solution!!

For any inquiry or would like to know how we can help you in setting up an efficient business management systems contact us here.

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